About Us

Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa(VPWA) is a volunteer-driven development NGO based in Ghana which aims to promote better life opportunities for people in under privileged communities through better education, health, sanitation and sustainable development.

Our work is based on a collective commitment to support the principles of the UN Global Compact to fulfill the Millennium Development Goals and thus we defend an integrated approach to sustainable development. That means that our projects not only aim to lift people out of poverty but also to:

promoting education to reduce illiteracy:.
help eradicate incidence of child labor.
advance governance, human rights, energy and environmental policies
building capacity of under privilege to fight the threat of poverty: VPWA realizes Micro-Finance, Entrepreneurship and Vocational Training for the Poor
fight the spread of HIV/AIDS and other diseases: VPWA aims to sensitize communities and policy makers on health-related issues including malaria, HIV-AIDS, tuberculosis and Buruli Ulcer.

You can support activities of VPWA and for that matter a developing country like Ghana by Volunteering, partnering your organization with us or donating towards one of our project lines.

Email: info@vpwa.org
Web: www.vpwa.org

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence