About Us

TEJ - The E Journal is a digital newsstand and a leader in communication technology. We enable you access your favourite Newspapers and Magazines, cover-to-cover, via our state-of-the-art Mobile App or Online.

TEJ provides a hub for your newspapers and magazines; we have made information accessible to you in an easy and flexible way. We believe in making news your own.

At TEJ, we believe in the importance of technological innovation and how it empowers, inspires and causes change around the world. Our goal is to continuously find better ways to bridge people and information across cities, countries and the globe.


- Purchase and read your newspapers/magazines on your mobile or online

- Purchase newspapers/magazines at lower prices than physical copies

- View newspaper headlines & top stories for free - daily

- Search for stories/articles using keywords

- Have all your previous newspapers indexed in your profile

Without missing the point, we look forward to do just that one thing…hand over your favourite journal to you. And we do!


Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence